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Monday, October 02, 2006

E. Gordon Gee

E. Gordon Gee is on the executive board of Massey Energy a coal company notorious for its environmental and human rights violations. Aside from the obvious insanity of burning coal and its affects on the climate Massey Energy uses mountaintop removal mining to get at their coal. This process blasts the tops off of entire mountains (sometimes whole ranges) to get at thin seems of coal. The left over rock, called overburden, is pushed into adjacent valleys. This process has resulted in over 500 square miles of mountains flattened, and over 1,200 miles of streams buried in West Virginia alonge. In addition countless communities and towns have been terrorized by the blasting, flooding, and toxic waste created by Massey Energy. Many small towns in the coalfields have been completely abandoned due to the terror caused by Massey.
Massey Energy is headquartered in Richmond, VA. However E. Gordon Gee lives in Nasheville, TN where he is currently the chancelor of Vanderbuilt University. He likes to present himself as progessive, though that is clearly not the case. Don't let his smug smile and ridiculous bow tie fool you. This man is responsible for the destruction of the Appalachian mountains, the poisoning of streams (not to mention children) and of course the perpetuation of our dependence on coal.
We are sure he'd love to hear from you. Here's how:

Vanderbuilt University

211 Kirkland Hall

Nashville, TN 37240


Phone: (615) 322-1813

Fax: 322-6060


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