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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

James E. Rodgers, CEO of Duke Energy

James Rodgers, or Mr. Rodgers as we like to call him, is the top dog of Duke Energy. Duke runs several coal and nuclear plants in the southeast. In addition Duke energy is currently planning two new large coal plants in North Carolina (Rutherfordton County) and South Carolina. These new plants will not incorporate any technologies to reduce or trap carbon dioxide. Of course not, becuase that wouldn't help fatten the coffers of Mr. Rodgers. The proposed NC power plant will emit over 11 million tons of CO2 annually. Such perpetuation of coal burning will result in nothing short of ecological collapse due to global warming.
Previous to running Duke Energy Rodgers worked for Enron. Rogers is currently a director for Duke Energy (and served on the Cinergy board before its merger with Duke Energy), Fifth Third Bancorp and Fifth Third Bank. He is chairman of Edison Electric Institute and serves on the Executive Committee. He also serves on the boards of the American Gas Association, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Business Roundtable and the National Coal Council. In 2006, he was named to the board of directors of the Alliance to Save Energy.
Let Mr. Rodgers know what you think about him and his plans to destroy the world.

James E. Rodgers
2410 Roswell Ave
Charlotte, NC

Home Phone Number: 704 377-4415

Monday, October 02, 2006

E. Gordon Gee

E. Gordon Gee is on the executive board of Massey Energy a coal company notorious for its environmental and human rights violations. Aside from the obvious insanity of burning coal and its affects on the climate Massey Energy uses mountaintop removal mining to get at their coal. This process blasts the tops off of entire mountains (sometimes whole ranges) to get at thin seems of coal. The left over rock, called overburden, is pushed into adjacent valleys. This process has resulted in over 500 square miles of mountains flattened, and over 1,200 miles of streams buried in West Virginia alonge. In addition countless communities and towns have been terrorized by the blasting, flooding, and toxic waste created by Massey Energy. Many small towns in the coalfields have been completely abandoned due to the terror caused by Massey.
Massey Energy is headquartered in Richmond, VA. However E. Gordon Gee lives in Nasheville, TN where he is currently the chancelor of Vanderbuilt University. He likes to present himself as progessive, though that is clearly not the case. Don't let his smug smile and ridiculous bow tie fool you. This man is responsible for the destruction of the Appalachian mountains, the poisoning of streams (not to mention children) and of course the perpetuation of our dependence on coal.
We are sure he'd love to hear from you. Here's how:

Vanderbuilt University

211 Kirkland Hall

Nashville, TN 37240


Phone: (615) 322-1813

Fax: 322-6060

Dr. Patrick Michaels: climate change denyer, industry lackey

Dr. Patrick Michaels is possibly the most prolific and widely-quoted climate change skeptic scientist. He has admitted receiving funding from various fossil fuel industry sources. His latest book, published in September 2004 by the Cato Institute, is titled: Meltdown: The Predictable Distortion of Global Warming by Scientists, Politicians, and the Media.

Michaels is the Chief Editor for the "World Climate Review," a newsletter on global warming funded by the Western Fuels Association. Dr. Michaels has acknowledged that 20% of his funding comes from fossil fuel sources: ( Known funding includes $49,000 from German Coal Mining Association, $15,000 from Edison Electric Institute and $40,000 from Cyprus Minerals Company, an early supporter of People for the West, a "wise use" group. He recieved $63,000 for research on global climate change from Western Fuels Association, above and beyond the undisclosed amount he is paid for the World Climate Report/Review. According to Harper's magazine, Michaels has recieved over $115,000 over the past four years from coal and oil interests. Michaels wrote "Sound and Fury" and "The Satanic Gases" which were published by Cato Institute. Dr. Michaels signed the 1995 Leipzig Declaration. In July of 2006, it was revealed that the Intermountain Rural Electric Association "contributed $100,000 to Dr. Michaels." Michaels has apparently been having such a hard time funding for his climate denial as of late, that various industry groups had to hold a fundraiser for him!

Scientist who have and continue to deny the links between fossil fuels and global warming are particularly despicable. They have set us decades behind in fighting climate change by convincing everyone from the average housewife to the top dogs in government that global warming is nothing to worry about. Now look where we are at!

You can reach Mr. Michaels at: 434-924-0549

Virginia State Climatology Office
Department of Environmental Sciences
1051Clark Hall - University of Virginia
291 McCormick Road
P.O. Box 400123
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4123